Mobile events are our only business- which guarantees our focus. We invest all of our time, effort and attention into making our mobile venues the best around regarding quality, consistency, and the overall event experience. Our quality axe throwing unit speaks for itself! We consistently maintain our targets for our customers. We will deliver a product you will be proud to have for your guests, friends, family and customers at each event.

No more boring parties or team building events. Savannah Axe Throwing is a total immersive event and the perfect social outing. It is an “out of the box” activity that will provide an experience to remember while allowing your guests to enjoy time together and try something new.

The popularity of the sport has drastically taken off in the United States the past few years, as well as around the world. Savannah Axe Throwing brings this sport to Savannah and surrounding communities. It has become a favorite hobby or pastime that your guests of all ages and abilities will enjoy.